Persians For Sale - Buffalo Creek Farms of Kansas City

Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Breeders

Welcome to Buffalo Creek Farms cattery home page. We are a breeder of Persian and Himalayan kittens and take pride in treating our kittens with love and respect. Below are links to the pages for kittens that are currently looking for a home and a link to newborns that will soon be for sale. Also, you will see links for how to care for your kittens once purchased. Finally, you can find us elsewhere on the web such as Facebook and Youtube. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy all the adorable kittens!

We ship kittens all over the United States with our cattery near Kansas City, KS. It has now been over ten years since we started, and we have found companions for hundreds of cats. Buffalo Creek Farms cattery offers persian kittens for sale in Kansas City, KS, Red and Black Calico Persian Kitten as well as shipping cats and kittens for sale all over the nation. We have been around for over 4 years and have been named a CFA Cattery of Excellence, making us a name  you can trust. Our mission is to raise cats that will make great additions to your home, and we strive to do this every day. To find out more, please explore our website. If you would like to contact us, please use our contact information below.

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