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Please choose a color at top to learn more about Persian Kitten Colors. You are currently looking at a Blue-Eyed White Persian Kitten, a Shaded Silver Persian kitten, another blue-eyed white Persian kitten, a Persian blue and cream calico kitten, and a Seal Lynx Himalayan kitten.
Chocolate: Yet another variation of black, chocolate is also a recessive gene and is a very rare color for a Persian kitten. The chocolate coloring comes from Siamese cat lines. Kittens with two recessive chocolate genes appear the color of a Hershey bar, those with one will be black.

A black cat with a two recessive dilute and chocolate genes is called a lilac and looks the color of a very creamy coffee. This type of cat is even more rare than chocolate.
White: White is the only color that is not a variation of red or black, but it is the absence of a color gene. White is a dominant gene, meaning only one white gene is required for a white cat.

Bi-color is a gene that combines with red or black to create white patches. If a cat carries two bi-color genes, it is called a van. Van kittens have much more white spotting making then 90% white. When breeding a van, the offspring then must carry at least one bi-color gene.

Blue eyed whites are often deaf because the hearing gene is near the color gene which is missing. Odd eyed white kittens have one copper and one blue eye. The are often deaf in the one ear on the same side as their blue eye.
Blue: Blue is a modification of the black gene. It is caused by a dilute recessive trait. Recessive means a kitten must have two dilute genes if it is too appear blue. If it has only one recessive dilute gene, then the cat will be black. For this reason blue is more rare than black.

Blue and cream is similar to black and red because cream. Cream is the dilute of red and blue is the dilute of blue.
Red: Red is one of the two colors for a Persian kitten. Flame and cream are modifications of red.

Some of the kittens you see may look red and white, but they only carry a red gene. This is because the Persian kitten carries a bi-color gene that creates white spotting.
Black/Red: Black and red cats are like it sounds, a combination of black and red. These are the only two colors a for Persian kittens, with every other color being a modification of these.

Only females can be black and red. You have probably heard of a calico cat, which is red, black, and white. Any calico cat is also a female. Females carry two x chromosomes, which hosts the gene for color. Boys have only one x and one y, so they can only carry one color.
Black: Black is one of only two colors for cats, genetically, the other being red. Every other color is a modification or combination of black and red. Blue and chocolate are both modifications of the black gene.

You may have noticed that some of the black cats do not look black at all. This is because a silver tabby gene the Persian kitten caries. Black cats with the silver gene have a black eye liner and black around their pink noses.
Blue/Cream: Blue and cream the same as a mixture of red and black, but these Persian kittens have the two of the recessive dilute gene. Blue and cream kittens, like any bi-color, are all females.
Lilac: As blue is to black, lilac is to chocolate. Lilac kittens are really chocolate with the addition of a dilute gene, which creates a lighter color.

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